industrial battery powered lights made in the UK for skips, fences, scaffolding, bulkheads & hoardings

Fence Light

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Fence Light overview


Designed to fit Heras-style fencing products, the JC Multilight LED Fence Light combines the same energy efficiency, lifespan and robust build quality as the rest of our range.

The unit can be easily installed between the end poles of each fencing section, with a tamper resistant nut to ensure the security of the light.
NOTE: If required, the Tamper-proof Nut Tool is sold separately and will need to be added to your order.

The high visibility LED flashes 80 times per minute. It’s also incredibly energy efficient, giving you unbeatable battery performance. Controlled by a fitted sensor, the light automatically turns on or off depending on the lighting conditions.

Each light is supplied with two Industrial standard ‘C-Type’ batteries, which will provide over 4000 hours (12 months) of use. Please note that if you choose the ‘non flashing’ option, battery life will be reduced.

If your fence is adjacent to a public road our LED Fence Light will ensure you comply with relevant safety laws. The fencing light meets all the requirements set out in the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984.

Our team of skilled engineers build these lights in the UK, and are happy to discuss any custom requirements you may have.

Please get in touch by phone or email to find out more.

JC Multilight Fence Light Technical Specs



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For bulk orders (over 50 units) and custom orders please get in touch to confirm current lead time.
Normal delivery is 1-2 working days.

Technical Specifications

WEIGHT 1.5kg
FLASH RATE 80 per minute
LIGHT FRENQUENCY 589nm (Bright Amber)
MATERIAL 3mm thick passified steel
LENS 50mm diameter reinforced plastic
FITTINGS Heras Fence Bracket
DIMENSIONS 125mm long on fixing arm, 135mm wide 90mm Diameter on body
POWER SUPPLY 2 'C type' Duracell batteries
EXPECTED BATTERY LIFE In excess of 12 months (4000+ hours - 1 year)